A Fashionista’s Dream

A Fashionista’s Dream

It’s funny how life takes you in circles with unexpected turns. Since I was little, I dreamed of working in the fashion industry and knew I wanted to have my own business, but I never thought the two would happen together. However, now, with ESTATE, they have! After years in the footwear/wholesale apparel and consulting industries, I’m living my entrepreneurial dream!

Here’s how I found my way: I grew up in Doylestown, attended CB West, and was known locally for both my community involvement (helping to create what is now the YMCA Teen Center) and my love for fashion (putting on charity fashion shows and working at Sew Smart Fabrics and Anne Bailey’s Bridal to hone my skills in garment construction and textiles).

Though I loved Doylestown, I wanted to explore the world, so I moved to Boston (a city still dear to my heart), earned a degree at Babson College (the #1 school for entrepreneurship in the nation), and worked on PUMA’s global footwear product management team. I loved travelling overseas creating amazing product, discovering new trends, and exploring new retailers.

That’s when I rekindled the dream of opening my own business, but like most I was afraid of jumping off the “entrepreneurial cliff” from the relative safety and security of a salaried corporate job. Shortly after I got married, I realized that to achieve my dream and provide for my family, I’d need more diverse experience.

To achieve both goals, my then husband and I left Boston in 2008 and moved back to the Doylestown area to work in management consulting. As a consultant, I travelled to Europe and Asia, worked hard, and saved money to fund my dream by helping other businesses navigate challenges and identify opportunities. Those endeavors gave me both a unique perspective and the experience necessary to be in business myself. Yet I still hesitated.

Fortunately, motivation soon came…in the form of my twin boys. Their birth made me realize that, while I loved my job, I wanted to be closer to home rather than travelling. They gave me the courage to leave corporate America. As a business owner, I could fulfill my dream AND be with my sons!

In the summer 2015, I heard of an opportunity to move into the space of a prior boutique - Shop Sixty Five - a boutique in which I saw a chance to re-innovate, grow and to reconnect with the local community. I could achieve my dream by giving Doylestown’s busy men and women first-class local access to the amazing global and emerging designers I’d scouted while travelling, offering them special time-saving services like personal styling and personal shopping.

Fast forward to 2018, I'm now divorced, and look at life from a new perspective. I am immensely grateful to be local for my boys, and ultimately, I’ve learned I’m a business woman with the heart of a fashionista.

I’m passionate about helping my customers tackle wardrobe challenges and explore new items. As a single-mom & business woman, I know how busy life can get - that's why I love helping my clients find an effortless, workable quality to their wardrobes. 

Stop into the boutique and let’s see what we can discover together!